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Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Hello everyone! We are very proud to finally begin publishing some of our work and would like to take this time to explain a little more about who we are.

CLT Culinary Connections is s non-profit organization dedicated to the personal and professional growth of Charlotte Area Culinarians and Hospitality Workers.

Our business was created out of a need. A need for Collaboration. Charlotte has an amazingly diverse food scene with some seriously talented chefs, however many of these chefs exist on their own "culinary islands" separated from the rest of the world. It is easy to get stuck grinding away in your own work and even the best self-motivators can find it draining to be their own biggest source of inspiration. This is where CLT Culinary Connections comes in. We strive to be a resource, a network, a hiring pool, and a creative outlet for all things culinary.

Here are some examples of how our community can benefit you and your establishment and provide solutions to frequently met problems:

Are you struggling to figure out the perfect dough batching and proofing techniques? Ask other chefs who have been baking for years. Their personal techniques might just contain the extra step you've been missing. Maybe you have an excellent Sous Vide method you've perfected and would love to see it used in new ways. Post it on our blog or in our forums and see where other creative professionals can take it. Having trouble hiring quality employees? View our verified applications, get real testimonials from current coworkers, and even chat with applicants directly. What if you have an employee that deserves a promotion, but it's not in the cards right now? Keep their passion alive and send them to learn in another kitchen, helping out a fellow chef in need and gaining valuable experience to bring back to your establishment when the time is right. Would you like a central location to talk about the difficulties our industry faces with COVID-19 and to strategize with other restaurateurs on how to mitigate them? Join the discussion and get some ideas.

These are just a few of the ways in which CLT Culinary Connections can answer the call and provide a much-needed sense of community during these trying times - but it doesn't stop there. In the future, CLT.CC will host a variety of events for the community and by the community. We will grow to hosting exciting expos with cooking demonstrations, culinary competitions, and highlights of fresh, local products. We will host charitable fundraisers to help bring food to those in need. We will participate in local festivals to spread the word and grow the community. We will grow to meet the needs of as many Charlotteans in our area as possible.

Food brings people together. CLT.CC brings food people together.

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